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roxanne m carter

a novella
by roxanne m carter


    At the tea-table she reigns omnipotent, unapproachable. What do men know of the mysterious beverage? How clumsily the wretched creatures attempt to assist the witch-president of the tea-tray; how hopelessly they hold the kettle, how continually they imperil the frail cups & saucers, or the taper hands of the priestess. To do away with the tea-table is to rob woman of her legitimate empire.
Mary Elizabeth Braddon

    She went indoors to Clifford's study, where the old brass kettle was simmering on the tray.
   "Am I late, Clifford?" she said, putting down the few flowers and taking up the tea-caddy, as she stood before the tray in her hat and scarf. "I'm sorry! Why didn't you let Mrs Bolton make the tea?"
   "I didn't think of it," he said ironically. "I didn't quite see her presiding at the tea-table."
   "Oh, there's nothing sacrosanct about a silver tea-pot," said Connie
- DH Lawrence

    Our love of each other was like two long shadows
kissing without hope of reality
Anas Nin

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